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 04378 2x Titan + case

    Bestaande uit 1x flight case with castors + 2x Titan + kabels
    this projector has BEAM + SPOT + WASH in 1 UNIT !
    The OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 280 lamp (7800K), combined with Hi-Q optics, make it incredibly bright:
    BEAM: 2,7° ~ 11°, max. 82.650 lux @ 20m
    SPOT: 5° ~ 23°, max. 25.400 lux @ 10m
    The different effect wheels create dazzling effects:
    1 color wheel with 13 carefully selected colors, including CTO & CTB-filters + white
    1 gobo wheel with 14 static gobos + open
    1 gobo wheel with 9 easily replaceable rotating gobos (glass + metal, OD: 15.8mm / IM: 12.5mm)
    The 8 facet round + 6 facet linear prisms have separate rotation speed settings and can be mixed for stunning effects! FROST-effect (WASH effect)
    Motorized ZOOM + FOCUS with calibrated DMX-values
    Accurate Dimmer/shutter for linear dimming and variable strobe effects
    The 3-Phase MOONS' stepper motors assure very fast 540°/270° PAN/TILT movements with 8 or 16bit precision.
    Unparalleled performance and processing speed thanks to the intensive use of FPGA technology.
    Modular setup for easy servicing and cleaning.
    Optional wireless DMX-module available (W-DMX Sweden)
    2.8" Color touch screen with automatic display rotation for easy and intuitive menu navigation !
    3 Different DMX channel modes (16ch, 24ch & 25ch) for maximum flexibility
    Easy firmware updates keep your machine up-to-date at all times (optional firmware updater needed)
    Remote lamp on/off control
    Neutrik 3pin & 5pin in/outputs for maximum flexibility in a professional environment
    Neutrik PowerCON® in/outputs: up to 16A can be daisy chained for easy installation
    Equipped with omega brackets for fast installation.
    Power consumption: only 400W
    Size: 39.1 x 28.7 x 58.3 cm