DMD188 Media Matrix

  • Beschrijving
    • 96KHz sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter
    • 8-channels analog input / 4 stereo optical inputs - 8-channels analog output
    • 1 USB interface, wireless network, wired network - interface can be connected to any computer via 485 connection
    • Connection and operation of up to 250 of these devices (linked).
    • Each input and output has individual compensation delay, phase control and mute settings
    • Each input includes a full 8-band parametric equalizer
    • Each output includes a 9-band full parametric equalizer plus secondary high-pass and low pass filter
    • Each input channel includes individually set compression and expansion
    • Output channels enjoy the same features as inputs, along with separately controlled output limiters.
    • Allows 30 types of saved parameter settings (transferable to additional units via software interface).
    • Can be controlled via a 485 interface connection and sent to any mixer or computer for seamless integration.
    • Each output channel can be assigned from any input channel (or select combinations of input channels).