Super led Rainbow

  • Beschrijving

    A compact but powerful multi-beam LED-effect!
    Each of the 6 lenses contains a powerful 10Watt RGBW LED.
    Thanks to perfect color mixing the six beams can have any color you like!
    Each 9° beam can be controlled individually to create an endless combination of customized effects.
    Standalone: sound activated with internal mic
    DMX: 28 channels for full control or easy control using only 1 or 8 channels.
    Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows
    SMART-DMX (previously known as DMX-MSL mode): thanks to this revolutionary new feature several Super led rainbow units, working in master/slave, can still be controlled by DMX! Even while connected in a DMX chain!
    Dimensions (cm): 41.8 x 23.3 x 12.2