FC 1

  • Beschrijving
    Strong flight case designed to transport light effects Contains 5 compartments:
    2x compartments (465x285x260mm)
    1x compartment (190x69x260mm)
    1x compartment (150x69x260mm)
    1x compartment (95x69x260mm)
    Strong plywood construction
    Strong foam covering inside
    Perfect shock protection during transport
    Equipped with 3 recessed flip handles
    Equipped with 2 butterfly catche
    Can be used for:
    2x iColor4 + controller + cables
    10x JB Systems Plano Spot
    4x Briteq LDP-Accuspot 7TC
    8x Briteq COB SLIM100-RGB
    4x Briteq Powerpixel4-RGB
    2x Briteq BT-GIGAFLASH (RGB)