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Video Bright spot with 200 W LED, zoom, gobo wheels, color wheel, 2 prisms

Color wheel with 7 dichroic color filters and white
Switchable color change (mode 1: only full colors, mode 2: color-change at every position)
Rainbow effect with adjustable speed in both directions
Gobo-wheel 1 with 9 static gobos and open
Gobo-wheel 2 with 7 rotating gobos and open
All rotating gobos can be interchanged
Slot-in gobo system for exchanging gobos without tools
Gobo shake function
Effect wheel with rotating 6 fold linear prism and 3-facet prism
The prism rotate in both directions and at different speeds
Exact positioning via 16 bit PAN/TILT movement resolution
Positioning within 540° PAN and 270° TILT
Strobe effect with 1-18 flashes per second
Strobe effect with adjustable speed
Random strobe effect Motorized zoom (12°-23°)
Motorized focus
DMX-controlled operation or stand-alone operation with Master/Slave function Sound control; microphone sensitivity adjustable via control board
Internal programs
Automatic position correction Fan-cooled
Control board with touch LCD and foil-keyboard for adjusting the DMX-starting address, PAN/TILT Reverse, Program, Reset
DMX control via every standard DMX controller
LED: 1 x high-power 200 W Color wheel
Control: Stand-alone; Sound to light via Microphone; DMX
Projection: flicker-free
Effect: Gobo effect; Single Beam