LASERWORLD ShowNET incl. Software

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Set with Laserworld Showeditor 2015 and Laserworld ShowNET Network Interface

10/100 Mbit Ethernet port
Flexible IP address setting: fixed address, DHCP or AutoIP
Micro-SD card slot for ILDA file playback (ILDA format code 5 RGB)
Built-in laser figures for stand alone operation
Stand alone operation via DMX control or auto trigger
Maximum scan speed of up to 150kpps
Up to 16 devices can be used in parallel for multi-projector laser shows
Control: DMX; ILDA
PC connect: RJ45 (F) mounting version
  • Software features of Laserworld Showeditor:
Number of tracks on timeline: 48 tracks on 16 track pages + 18 effects each
Matrix Mapping: 16 track page mixes to up to 16 ILDA interfaces
Output speed max.: ~150.000 points per second
ILDA Import / Export: Single frames and whole shows
ILDA Export protection: can be locked to license
SMS output on Laser: Yes (Siemens TSM Module TC35i or TXT file)
Running text: Yes
Morphing text: Yes
Real time output to laser: Yes
Multi Screen support: Yes (window positions are saved)
Individual color correction per output interface: Yes, TTL, Analog, RGB, 3-point
Individual mapping per output interface: Yes, TTL, Analog, RGB, 3-point
Individual geometric correction per output interface: Yes, invert X/Y, distortion, Size, position, etc.
Video support: Yes, video as basis for timeline shows output via second monitor channel
Free shows: more than 250 Free shows supported
Commercial shows: available online