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4 in / 8 out 25.7790

    4 inputs and 8 outputs (XLR, balanced)
    2 x S/PDIF digital input, stereo
    DSP: 2 x DREAM SAM3716, 24 bits (data) x 96 bits (coeff.)
    Dynamic range: > 110 dB
    Routing matrix for routing the inputs to the outputs as desired
    Graphical user interface, PC editing software (up to 32 x DSM-480LAN can be administered)
    24 user presets can be stored
    Flash card for reading and storing presets
    Integrated tone generator for pink noise and white noise
    Remote control via USB, RS-485 or TCP/IP LAN.
    With the optional USB/RS-485 converter DA-70157, it is possible to connect a PC or laptop with USB interface to the serial RS-485 interface and to address and configure several units connected to each other
    Dot matrix display with 2 x 24 characters
    VU meter with 7 LEDs for each channel, optionally for level display or limiter
    482 mm (19") rack installation, 1 RS
  • 5 parametric equalizers with 17 types of filters (see graph)
  • Delay switch between time (ms) and distance (m): 849 ms max. in steps of 22 ┬Ásec or 288 m max. in steps of 6.8 mm
  • Crossover Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel, filters 6 to 48 dB/oct.
  • 7 parametric equalizers
  • Routing matrix with routing mix for level adjustment Peak limiter and RMS compressor with bypass function
  • Selectable phase (180┬░)