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is a 440W 6500K LED profile light designed to replace the 1200W discharge fixture used in theatres, concerts, events and broadcast

Rotating gobo wheel, static gobo wheel and either full framing shutter (SH) or animation wheel (SP) interchangeable modules
Full CMY colour mixing system with separate linear CTO, plus colour wheel
Full framing shutter core module with individual depth and angle control of each blade as well as module index
    Source: 440Whigh-power white
    LED CT: 6500K
    Lux: (5°) 26533 – (50°) 1535lux@5m
    Source life expectancy: >20.000 h
    Zoom: 5-50°motorised linear zoom
    Lens diameter: 120mm
    Lens type: HD anti-reflection lenses with achromatic coating
    Focus: motorised with auto-focus
    Other: High-quality flat-field projection
    Colour mixing: linear CMY
    CTC: linear CTO correction 2700~6000K
    Colour wheel: 7dichroic filters + open
    Shutter system: (Inc)4 shutter blades with position and ±30° angle adjustment, ±45° rotation of the complete framing system
    Animation wheel: (Opt)animation wheel with CW and CCW rotation
    Rotating gobos: 6rotating gobos + open, interchangeable, indexing
    Gobo size: gobo Ø 27 mm – img Ø 20 mm – 1.1 mm
    Fixed gobos: 7fixed gobos + open, interchangeable
    Gobo size: gobo Ø 27 mm – img vØ 20 mm – 1.1 mm
    Circular prism: 3fwith bi-directional rotation, indexing
    Frost: linear 0-100% frost filter
    Iris: 5-100%motorised linear iris
    Pan angle: 630-540°
    Tilt angle: 267°
    Pan/Tilt resolution: bit8/16 bit
    Feedback: automatic repositioning after accidental movement
    Body: aluminium structure with hi-resistance polycarbonate cover, colour black
    Protocols: DMX512, RDM, W-DMX
    DMX channels: 28 / 30 / 37 / 38 channel
    W-DMX: included, wireless solution receiver
    RDM: RDM ready for fixture remote monitor and settings
    Display: LCD high resolution colour display
    Firmware upgrade: yes, via USB-DMX interface (UPBOX2) not included
    Hibernation: power safe mode when lost DMX