• Beschrijving

 2*750w 4ohm DSP 2HE

  • Professional DSP-controlled switch mode power amplifier.
  • Stereo: 
    stereo 8Ω (1kHz, THD+N 1%): 2x440Wrms
    stereo 4Ω (1kHz, THD+N 1%): 2x 750Wrms
    stereo 2Ω (1kHz, THD+N 1%): 2x 1200Wrms
    bridge 8Ω (1kHz, THD+N 1%): 1500Wrms
    bridge 4Ω (1kHz, THD+N 1%): 2400Wrms
  • Complete DSP-section with:
    HPF: (40~125Hz) eliminates unwanted, energy absorbing frequencies.
    LPF: (6.3k~20kHz) cuts the upper frequencies if needed to avoid oscillations.
    8 Band parametric EQ: (100Hz~12.5kHz, Q:0.5~5, ±6db) for perfect tuning.
    2 Limiters: for increased protection (threshold 0~-12dB).
    2 Delays: can be set separately from 0 to 20ms (0 to 6,86m) for each channel.
    Crossover: build an active system (Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/oct, 50Hz~3,15kHz)
    3 working modes: Stereo, Bridge, Input Y (mono in, used for active system
  • Temperature controlled fan cooling
  • DC fault + high temperature + overload + short circuit protections
  • Balanced XLR + jack inputs with possibility for daisy chaining of several inputs.
  • SpeakON® + bind-post wire terminal outputs
  • Powerinput: AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 48,2 x 8 x 28 cm