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Line array module, 3-way (12”Nd LF+8”Nd MF+2×1,7”Nd HF) 800/1600W AES 138dB SPL

System type “All-loaded” module, bi/tri-amp., 3-way
AES Power LF 500W, MF 200W, HF 100W
Program Power LF 1000W, MF 400W, HF 200W
Recommended amp (RMS) LF up to 1000W 8Ohm, MF up to 400W 16Ohm, HF up to 200W 16Ohm
Horizontal Coverage angle 80° (500–16000Hz) Vertical Coverage angle Variable (depending on system configuration)
Frequency response 60–16000Hz (±3 dB) Frequency range 48–18000Hz (-10 dB)
Max SPL-Cont./Peak 128/134dB (Free Field)
Transducers Section
Low Section 12” long-excursion Nd woofer / 3” coil LF Loading 7th-order bandpass
LF Impedance 8Ohm
LF Bandpass Sensitivity 98 dB @1W/1m (Free Field)
Mid Section 8” Nd mid-woofer / 2” coil MF
Loading Horn
MF Impedance 16Ohm
MF Bandpass Sensitivity 101dB @1W/1m (Free Field)
High Section 2×1” Nd drivers / 1.7” coil HF L
oading Horn
HF Impedance 16Ohm
HF Bandpass Sensitivity 108dB @1W/1m (Free Field)
Cabinet Trapezoidal taper 7,5°
Suspension System Proprietary built-in steel suspension system
Input Connectors Neutrik NL8 Speakon in/out
Measures (WxHxD) 832x400x262 mm