• Beschrijving
    Number of channels:2 
    Height (RU):2U 
    Watts (rms) per channel, 8 Ohm:1000 
    Watts (rms) per channel, 4 Ohm:1500 
    Input Senstivity: 1.1V 
    Voltage Gain: 37.0dB 
    Average Supply Current, Full load: 16A 
    Mains Connector: 32A POWERCON 
    Frequency Response (±3dB ref 1kHz): 8Hz – 24kHz 
    Signal to Noise Ratio (ref full power, 1kHz): 99dB 
    THD (1kHz, full power): 0.07% 
    THD (20Hz - 20kHz, full power): <0.1% 
    Slew Rate: 65V/μs 
    Damping Factor (ref. 8R, 100Hz): >400 
    Cooling (Temperature Controlled Dual Speed Fan): 2x 80mm Fan + 60mm internal fan 
    Cooling Direction: Front to Back