• Beschrijving
  • 1HE unit
  • High output power
  • Intelligent protective functions
  • Built-in Limiter
  • Full switching energy conversion
  • Embedded microcontroller
  • Very high power efficiency
  • Two LED bars display output levels
  • Two knobs for level settings
  • Resonant power supply includes active PFC
  • LEDs for each channel for operating voltage, level and limiter
  • Input: Neutrik XLR, 10kOhm 1.4Vrms sensitivity
  • Power Output per channel
    16 Ohm: 320W
    8 Ohm: 700W
    4 Ohm: 1300W
    2.6 Ohm: 1900W
    2 Ohm: 1500W
    Not bridgeable
  • Output connector: Four pole Neutrik Speakon
  • Protection: Short circuit, Overload, Low Impedance, Thermal, DC Fault,
  • Cooling: Regulated DC fans blowing front to rear
  • Maximum current draw: 16A (3680W)
  • Mains supply: Neutrik Powercon, 160-270VAC, 45-65Hz