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To maximise versatility we have designed the cabinet around the P-Audio SC series of Horn Flares, there are currently five in the range:
    • 1" Horn Flare Options: SC-1064 1" 60 x 40 or SC-1096 1" 90 x 60
    • 1.4" Horn Flare Options: SC-1464 1.4" 60 x 40 or SC-1496 1.4" 90 x 60
    • 2" Horn Flare : SC-2064 2" 60 x 40

      Pack includes:
      1 x Front baffle precut for typical 15" mid-bass woofer and SC series horn flare.
      2 x side panels, with mitred angles and CNC cutouts and recesses for 3402 steel bar handles.
      1 x Rear panel with mitred angled edges. Precut with recess for 87160 angled connector dish.
      1 x Top Panel with curved front edge for continuous curve when stacking multiple panels
      1 x Bottom Panel with curved front edge.
      1 x Internal Middle brace
      1 x Combinatation Port/Grille Support
      2 x Curved grille supports. 1 has no cutouts, this fits the top of the speaker, the second (optional) has a recess on the back so it can sit over the front gasket of the 15" woofer.
      3 x Port Braces for added strength
      4 x Grille battens

    • The front panel is cut from high quality 18mm birch ply, and the other panels are 15mm high quality birch ply.