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Requires bi-amping at 400Hz

Pack includes:
  • 1 x Front baffle panel, with CNC cutouts for Beyma's TD164 horn flare, the Sonitus MR8XT 8" midrange horn, and a cutout to fit a range of high performance 15" drivers.
  • 2 x side panels, with mitred angles. Also features CNC cutouts and recesses for 3402 handles.
  • 1 x Rear panel with mitred angled edges. Pre-cut with recess for 87160 angled connector dish.
  • 1 x Top Panel with curved front edge for continuous curve when stacking multiple panels
  • 1 x Bottom Panel with curved front edge.
  • 1 x Divider (optional) divided reduces volume to around 55 litres and shifts cabinet tuning up to about 52 Hz for a tighter punchier bass. Without the divider, volume is around 77 litres and tuning is around 40 Hz which makes the cabinet a little more general purpose.
  • 1 x Middle brace
  • 1 x Angled Reflex Port
  • 3 x curved grill supports. 1 has no cutouts, this fits the top of the speaker, the second has a recess underneath allowing it to be fitted over the top of the 15" speaker, and the last one has two recesses on the front, and acts as an extension to the reflex port with the recesses reducing the port extension.
  • The front panel is cut from high quality 18mm birch ply, and the other panels are 15mm high quality birch ply.

Assembly instructions can be found here:

JAM Systems MT1581 Assembly instructions Part 1
JAM Systems MT1581 Assembly instructions Part 2