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4x 1250W/4ohm/100V / 750W/8ohm

    4-channel mode mono-bridged mode
    4 Ω / Ch 8 Ω / Ch 70 V1 ) 100 V2) 8 Ω / Ch pair
    1,250 W 750 W 1,000W 1,250 W 2,500 W
    Legendary Powersoft efficiency:
    Compact and space saving: 4 channels in 1 RU at 358 mm / 14.1’’ depth
    Green Audio Power®: minimal “carbon footprint” and operational cost of electricity
    More watts
    Unique Powersoft technology for efficient, reliable performance:
    Switch mode power supply, internally switchable 230/115 V nominal
    Fixed frequency switch mode amplifier output stages
    Patented amplifier output filters with ripple cancellation network
    Driving distributed line systems:
    Able to drive 100 V distributed lines directly without the need for transformers
    Optimized for 4 Ω loads, thus ideally matching real-world scenarios in targeted applications
    Fully protected circuit design: AC protection: shuts down power supply when AC mains voltage
    is outside operating range
    Clip limiter: prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching loudspeakers,
    while still maintaining full peak power output
    DC protection: protects against infrasonic signal at the outputs
    VHF protections: protects the loudspeakers against destructive non-audible, non-musical high frequency signals
    Short circuit protection: protects the amplifier from short circuit or similar events on the outputs;
    with automatic protection reset
    Thermal protection: mutes outputs once output devices reach 75 ºC / 167 ºF;
    automatic unmute once temperature is down to 65 ºC / 149 ºF
    Temperature controlled continuous variable speed fan, front to rear airflow
    Recessed stepped level attenuators
    Full four years warranty