VIBE15 Mk2

  • Beschrijving

15" - 350Wrms / 8ohm

    Full range speaker cabinet with outstanding sound quality.
    Can also be used as a podium monitor.
    Perfect for permanent installation in bars, clubs and all kinds of venues where good sound quality at high SPL is important!
    Perfect for portable use: DJ, hiring companies
    VIBE15 Mk2 and VIBE18-SUB Mk2 make a perfect couple for more demanding situations.
    Dimensions (cm) 76 x 47 x 43.5
    max. spl (dB) 125
    frequency (Hz) 45 - 20000
    Wrms 8Ī© stereo, 350
    Strong M8 Rigging Points Built-in 35mm
    Speaker stand adapter
    High Power 15inch (38cm) Woofer
    High Power 1,5inch Titanium Driver
    Specially designed Glass fiber horn
    2 Neutrik SpeakonĀ® connectors
    Built-in heavy duty carrying handles
    Heavy duty rubber feet