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meebestel prijs
Met dit toestel kunt u gemakkelijk firmware upgrades uitvoeren van compatibele DMX effecten & projectoren.

    512 Channel DMX interface
    512 output channels when used with a computer
    512 output channels when used standalone without computer (max 6000 steps and 512 scenes max when 512 channels are used)
    4Mb internal memory and external SD Card reader (extended memory for all type of Micro SD card)
    16 bits channels management in standalone
    RS232 triggers standaloneDMX
    input trigger standalone
    30 minutes of Lighting, Audio and Video timeline synchronization with Pro DMX software
    Integrated DMX splitter (2 outputs)
    Works with the Chromateq Led Player and Chromateq Pro DMX software. (included)
    Perfect for fixed installations or rental: Create your programs with the computer and store them into the interface. Once this is done, you can use the unit without computer and use the control buttons to activate your programs.
    Functions and control in standalone mode:
    Automatic Real Time Clock triggering for different scenes (day, week, month, year)
    External Triggering via 7 contacts
    Select one of your 80 programs (max) via the 8 switch buttons x 10 selectable pages
    Program selection via the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons
    General dimmer adjustment
    Speed adjustment of the programs
    Manual color selection of your customized colors via the 8 trigger buttons
    Manual color selection of 100 standard colors via the + and - buttons
    Master/Slave mode for up to 32 interfaces connected together
    4Mb internal memory + SD card slot for memory extension
    3-pin XLR connectors
    Power supply for the use in standalone mode: 9V to 36V via DC connectors, 5V via USB connector (optional)
    An optional external infra-red receiver can be connected to the unit (LD-512Kit-IR = IR receiver + 2 remote controllers)<
    For more information about the software: http://www.chromateq.com/