Convair 1581a

  • Beschrijving
  • For use between the Sonitus MR8XT and MR8XTN 8" horn drivers and a 1" compression driver mounted on Beyma's TD164 horn flare
  • 3khz Linkwitz-Riley 12dB per octave crossover. This Crossover has been optimised for use with the Beyma CP385Nd and gives a very smooth, "hi-fi" tone specifically tailored for modern recorded music. When used with the B&C DE250 you will get a little more vocal presence than the CP385Nd
  • This crossover features 1.5dB attenuation for the compression driver, which brings most compression drivers down to a similar SPL as the 8" horn in the 1581 cabinet. A bypass capacitor on the resistor applies a slight lift around 9kHz to give a CD Horn EQ